Together we

We build and launch our own ventures, but we also work with founders and companies to transform good ideas into great products and services. We form partnerships and contribute hands-on with your business plan, product/service design and whatever is needed to find a product/market fit.

We are a Business Angel and Incubator but especially an active partner for startups who need fuel to get their product launched within and across the European markets. Occasionally we also do pre-seed or seed cash investments in selected startups.

We are looking forward to hearing about your idea.

Our own ventures

We usually form new companies based on our own ideas and products, doing everything from design to funding ourselves. We help start-ups to invent, design and build the product before hiring a new team to bring the product out into the world.


Sometimes we form equity or royalty-based partnerships with big companies or small startups. Together we create new products and services, improve existing products, or launch a completely new area of business.


We do early-stage seed investments directly in promising startups we believe in. We act as an active and hands-on investor, working closely with the product strategy and offering a great international network of advisors.

Co-value Creation

We take the best elements out of existing businesses models to co-create value. We love to innovate business models in order to create new and sometimes unusually eco-systems that are capable to drive value up and down the chain.



Why considering working with us?

We have specialists in management, strategy, finance as well as design thinking with an experience in launching and scaling new ideas.

Going beyond pre-seed-funding

Although the fund raising process can be time consuming and exhaustive, the investment is only the beginning of our journey to success. Together with our partners, we always try to help you both as incubator and friend.

Combining venture capital with professional services to help companies so successfully materialize and grow their unique ideas.


Consultinghouse Ventures Business Model

Our Network of Experts: